Monday, September 29, 2008

Two Year Anniversary

September 30th is the two year anniversay of my diagnosis with MS. As with all anniversaries, I look back on what has occured during the previous year. I realize that from an MS standpoint, not much has happened. I haven't had any exacerbations and I've settled into my diagnosis. I don't think about my MS as an imposter in my body. It's just a part of me now.

I take take my MS medication everyday without really even thinking about it. I am aware of the nagging symptoms, like fatigue, occasional tingling, and my aversion to bright indoor lights, but I compensate for those things without much thought. I haven't given myself a "neuro check" in a long time or woken up and checking if I can move all my limbs as I did every morning.

Everyday at work I see patients with so much wrong with them that effects every aspect of their lives and they are surviving. The diabetic patient must check her blood sugar four times a day and give herself insulin if needed. She eats a special diet. My heart attack patient takes numerous meds to help his heart, thin his blood and lower his blood pressure. He also has to change his diet from high fat to low salt/low fat. Working as a nurse really gives you perspective. So many other people are living with chronic illnesses and are surviving. Some better than others. Then, there are those that are not surviving despite doing everything right.

So, I've made it through my second year, I'm doing everything I can to stay in remission. I'm dealing with the symptoms. I'm living with MS and I'm surviving.